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Welcome to Math Munch!

We write Math Munch for everyone who takes pleasure in reading it. Most of all, though, we write it for our own students—to share math with them that we find meaningful, amazing, and inspiring. Each week we create a post that curates some of great mathematical resources of the internet. Websites, videos, articles, applets—we share them all to help our students build positive and personal relationships with mathematics.

It’s our hope that students beyond our schools might find inspiration at Math Munch as well. After browsing around the site, maybe you’ll decide that you’d like to share Math Munch with your own students. If so, we’ve put together some resources to help you on your way.

  • Why Math Munch? – Read this to hear more about the aims of Math Munch.
  • Getting Started – Here you’ll find some ideas about how to use Math Munch in your classroom.
  • Starter Posts – We’ve put together a sampling of themes that we write about.
  • Educators Newsletter – From time to time we have news to share about ideas and opportunities for you all. Sign up if you’re interested in receiving an email update from time to time! And here’s an archive of our newsletters.
  • Submit your Q’s! – Here’s a list to help you keep track of what interviews with mathy people we’re still accepting questions for.
  • Reflection sheets – Giving you students a handout for them to use while reading a post might help them to get more out of Math Munch. Here you’ll find some sheets that you could use with your classes.
  • Classroom posters – Getting one of these posters is a fun and easy way to bring Math Munch into your classroom. Decorate your walls with awesome mathiness and invite your students to explore the mathematical internet!
  • Welcome to the MathTwitterBlogoSphere! – Finally, if you’re new to using blogs as a part of your teaching life, you should definitely check out this website.

If you are excited about using Math Munch, we’d love to hear about it! If you have stories about how you use Math Munch with your students, we’d love to hear about them and would gratefully add your ideas to our Getting Started list or share them in our Educators Newsletter. And if you have questions or suggestions for us about how Math Munch could be more useful to your teaching, we’re all ears. You can contact us at

To you and your students: bon appetit!

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  5. Thank you so much. I found this for my 1st period class and I figured why not use it on the rest 🙂 Thank you so much. Helps with standards and getting stuff in on time.

  6. I have invented a mathematical model which illustrates (and can be used to solve) the theoretical situation of our social system as in simulations for macroeconomics.

    Each of 6 role-playing agencies (or entities) are connected to a number of the others in a block diagram (see in the internet DiagFuncMacroSyst.pdf ). These connections represent the various exchanges between them. Since the values of the mutual flows of goods, services, access rights and legal documents are equal to the returning flows of money, each entity has the same total amount of input and output values (W.W. Leontief). This can be replaced by pivoted beam arrangement into a compound balance system, using strings that are attached to the ends of the beams and pulley-mounted weight carriers to represent the values of the flows.

    The solution of this system for equilibrium provides an interesting problem, due to the nature of the macroeconomics topology, only certain kinds of changes are permitted.

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