Reflection sheets for posts

One way of sharing Math Munch with your students is to have them read a post as a homework assignment. It can be good to give kids a couple of days to do such an assignment so that it’ll be lower pressure and so that they’ll have some time process to process their experience. A longer turnaround is also good in case anything goes amiss with their internet connection and so that students who don’t have internet access at home will be able to experience the site at school or at a library.

It’s possible to ask students to read a Math Munch post without any further suggestion about how to interact with it. However, giving a set of reading questions to go along with a post can help provide some structure and make a student’s encounter with the site a richer experience. If you do this, please keep in mind that students’ experiences and outcomes with a post will be different, and that’s okay. Math Munch is a diverse place—different things will appeal to different people, and that’s great.

Below you’ll find some reflection sheets to go along with posts. The first few are generic and could be used alongside of any post. You could use these for a one-off assignment or on a weekly basis. Find one that you like or use them as inspiration to create your own!

Further down you’ll find some reflection sheets that have been created to go along with specific posts. The questions and tasks are tied to the content of that post.

Generic reflection sheets:

MM reading questions sheet by Justin Lanier (.docx, .pdf) and Debbie Boden (.docx)

An initial MM exploration sheet by Paul Salomon (.pdf)

A choose-you-own post reflection sheet by Ronda Beck (.pdf)

Quarterly “15 munches” assignment by Fawn Nguyen (.docx, her post)

Post-specific reflection sheets:

MOVES, the Tower of Hanoi, & Mathigon sheet by Justin (.docx, .pdf)

MoMA, Pop-Up Books, & A Game of Numbers sheet by Justin (.docx, .pdf)

Andrew Hoyer, Cameron Browne, & Sphere Inversion sheet by Paul (.docx, .pdf)

Partial Cubes, Open Cubes, and Spidrons sheet by Justin (.docx, .pdf)

Tsoro Yematatu, Fano’s Plane, and GIFs sheet by Justin (.docx, .pdf)

Numenko, Turning Square, and Toilet Paper sheet by Justin (.docx.pdf)

A Periodic Table, Linkages, and Dance Squared sheet by Justin (.docx, .pdf)

Fullerenes, Fibonacci Walks, and a Fourier Toy by Justin (.docx, .pdf)

Squircles, Coloring Books, and Snowfakes by Justin (.docx, .pdf)

SquareRoots, Concave States, and Sea Ice by Justin (.docx, .pdf)

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