Math Munch Flyers

A great way to spread the word about Math Munch is to hang a flyer in your community where it might catch someone’s eye. It could be at your school, a library, a coffeeshop, a YMCA—anywhere in public that has some foot traffic. Below you’ll find a couple of flyers that you could hang up. Or you could make one of your own—let us know if you do!

Be sure to click a flyer to load a high-resolution version. Then you can print it, save it, or drag it to your desktop.

If you have any trouble with printing these with margins that work, you can get PDFs at the bottom of the page.

mmposterfinal mmposterbw
doyoulovemath doyoulovemathbw

Help Your Kid Love Math – Color

Help Your Kid Love Math – B&W

Do You Love Math? – Color

Do You Love Math? – B&W

Do you Love Math? – W&B

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