Readers’ Gallery

One of the best parts of exploring the wide world of mathematics is that it’s so easy to get inspired to create, construct, and do! We hope that Math Munch helps you to get going on mathematical projects that excite you. We’ve created this Readers’ Gallery to be a space where we’ll feature the mathematical work of our readers.

To submit your creation to the gallery, just send us an email! ( Be sure to let us know how you’d like us to identify you—maybe your full name, maybe your first name, maybe your age or grade or location or occupation.

Fabric Arts

String art square

String Art







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  1. I like it the way it is formed by the cloth it must of been hard making that is there a post where you show how to make it

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  7. The fabric art is so interesting. I am into doing projects with fabric in general so this really caught my eye! Are there any particular math thereoms and/or ideas involved in creating this art?

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