Share Campaign

We write Math Munch because we love math and love sharing it. We’ve watched with joy over the past three years as the site’s readership has grown beyond our personal communities. We want even more people, young and old, to have great encounters with mathematics. Will you help us us make that happen?

We are kicking off a two-week
“share campaign.”

Every once in a while PBS and NPR ask their audiences for support, and we’re doing the same. But instead of financial support, all we ask from you is to share our site with other people. If Math Munch is a way for you to connect with mathematics – if you like reading it, or watching the videos we share, or playing games from our games page, or learning about the mathematicians we feature – then please help someone else make that connection, too.


Maybe you could hang a flyer in your community. Click to grab one!

We’re going to make this appeal for the next two weeks (we don’t want to wear on you) through Facebook and Twitter and here on the blog. At the end of this post you can find a checklist of ways to spread the Math Munch love. Have a look and see how you can help support our little math site.

And when you share, please let us know! We’re shooting for 1000 personal acts of sharing Math Munch over the next two week. We’ll keep a running total of the sharing efforts over on the sidebar, and you’ll find a link there where you to tell us about your shares. Please help us to reach our goal!

How to share

  • Recommend Math Munch to a friend face-to-face.
  • Email a post to someone. (And why stop at one friend? Email it to several people!)
  • Tell your favorite math teacher about Math Munch. (And point them to our For Teachers page or our new educators newsletter.)
  • Tell a parent whose kid might like our site.
  • Share Math Munch on your Facebook, Twitter, or other social media feeds.
  • You could share our facebook page and twitter account as well.
  • Write a blog post about Math Munch and what you get out of reading it.
  • Hang a flyer at your school, library, math tutoring center, or favorite coffee shop. (Get a flyer here.)
  • Recommend Math Munch to schools or institutions and see if they’ll join the share campaign.
  • Ask your friends to share as well!

Thanks so much for your support! Here’s how to let us know about your shares so that we can reach our goal of 1000 personal acts of sharing.

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