Mazes, Spirals, and Paper Folding

Welcome to Math Munch!   Here you will find links to lots of cool mathy things on the internet.  We’ll post some new items each week for you to enjoy.  We hope you are as inspired and excited by these creations as we are!

Maze A Day is a blog where Warren Stokes publishes new mazes he has created.  Every day!  What a cool project.

A number spiral

Here’s another maze that was submitted by truff.

Number Spiral is a website that shares some cool number spirals and some deep patterns that have been found in prime numbers.  I like how the author Robert Stacks both gives a very simple introduction to his work and carries it through to very complex mathematics.

Finally, here is a short video about the work of paper engineer Matt Shlian at the University of Michigan.  A favorite quote: ” I think there’s this great crossover right now between science and art that the art students don’t know anything about and the scientists don’t know that artists are out there that exist that can help them figure out some of these things.”

Bon Appetit!

Paper Cuts from Michigan Daily on Vimeo.

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  2. How did you come up with an idea for making these paper sculptures? What type of shapes or 3D structures do you “cut up” to create these designs?

    • Hi Jason!
      I would have been fun to have had the idea to make these paper sculptures, but I didn’t. I didn’t make them. Most of what you’ll find on Math Munch isn’t made by me or Paul or Anna. It’s made by other people. We’re just fortunate enough to find it all and share it with you!
      If you’d like to find out more about Matt Shlian and his work, you should definitely check out his website. You can find his contact information there if you or your class would like to email him to ask him some questions!

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  4. I thought it was cool how they fold paper so it sort of springy then link it with other paper and put it together then springs into a dragon looking type sculpture. As it came out it sprung like a jack in a box but going side to side with sharp edges on the sides of the sculpture. It was very fascinating watching it show how science and art emerge together making stuff like this and how art can change science.

  5. this was a really cool video. I never seen anybody on math munch doing extreme 3d figures. i like how you made art different and how you have these crazy ideas. hope you are posting more soon.

  6. its really cool how you made the 3D people its something i would like to learn to do. when did u start doing these cool 3D figures? how much paper does it take to make on 3D figure?

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