FIVE, Axiomatic, and Mathekniticians

Welcome to this week’s Math Munch!

It’s time once again for a recap of this month’s post on facebook, and we have some good ones for you. How about a celebration of five and a look at several mathematical artists.

This month marked the five-year anniversary for Math Munch!  Thank you so much to our readers for sticking with us. In honor of the occasion, check out these awesome Numberphile videos, each related to the number 5. There’s the 5 Platonic solids, of course, or Euclid’s 5th postulate, or a fifth-root trick, or even 5 and Penrose tilings. Click on the links to view, or scroll to the bottom of this post.


Up next, meet Timea Tihanyi and Jayadev Athreya. They are a visual artist and mathematics professor, respectively, and the two of them are coming together for a math-art collaboration called Axiomatic.  Geek Wire wrote a nice article about them here. Give it a read. Sadly, there aren’t many images yet, but we hope to see more from this team soon.

14600930_562808520570937_9124043313080968521_nAlright, a quick break.  How about taking on this little challenge posted by The Dice Lab.  It features their awesome 120-sided isohedral dice, but the question is this, in their words:

“Rack ’em up! How many d120’s are in this tetrahedral pyramid?”

2000Finally, We’ve seen our fair share of mathematical fiber arts here on MM. See these previous posts for some mathematical knitting and crochet. Well I had to share a recent writeup by The Guardian on two mathekniticians, a married couple featured here before: Pat Ashforth and Steve Plummer. Read the article. It’s chock full of great images like the one to the left.

Well that’s it for this week’s Math Munch. See you next time, and bon appetit!

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  1. I found this topic very interesting. I now know why architects use the 3,4,6 tile arrangement is important in tiling all of the desired area.

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